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Counting down

August 18, 2009

On the seemingly endless drive up the M1, it suddenly occurred to me that I’m now really looking forward to my first half marathon. It has taken a lot of training, focus and a fair few bewildered looks, but I’m now just a few days from 13.1 miles of racing.

At some point, I’ll collate my training logs and post them online. I’ve only been keeping them since mid-June this year, so there isn’t  all that much to write up. They should show how I’ve upped my mileage (although, since getting back into running, I’ve been measuring everything in kilometers), added strength training and increased in speed and stamina.

So, I’ve passed the peak of my training (which culminated in a particularly painful 24.5km run), and this is a fairly low-intensity week before the race on Sunday. It’s not that easy to convince myself that I need to wind the routine down, so I’m trying to make sure that what work I do is kept short and low impact. (Doesn’t always work out that way as a convenient point-to-point home from work racked up a quick 15.5km.)

Anyway, the Burnham Beaches Half Marathon will be my first race report here, my first half marathon, and the true test of whether my training plan was in the right direction.

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