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Life gets in the way

September 24, 2009

Three weeks into running with the Abingdon Amblers, I’m feeling the benefit of the more focused training, but will end up with a light week next week. Work, for the first time in a while, is getting in the way.

Working in publishing has its moments, but there are times where you suddenly have fluctuations in your workload and just have to put your personal life on the back-burner. So, while I’ve already clocked up just over 40km of running this week since Sunday, next week is looking very different.

What will be the difference, then? Let’s take this week as a reasonable example – it’s not been quiet at work by any means. I’ve had manuscript coming out of my ears, and various shifting priorities to manage; I’ve been leaving the office at anything between 5.30 and 7 in the evening, but it’s not got in the way of my training. My log so far for this week is:

  • Sunday 20.5km run around Abingdon
  • Monday 20 minutes slow running on a treadmill at the gym (just over 3km)
  • Tuesday 10.5km club run
  • Wednesday Rest
  • Thursday 30km cycle and club track session (1 x 5 min, 4 x 5:30 min with 90 sec rest)
  • Friday Probably a 10km treadmill session in the gym
  • Saturday Possibly a trip to the gym for a gentle session, possibly rest

I consider this to have been a pretty good week for running – a nice mix of distances, some good pace work, etc. Next week, however, is looking like this:

  • Sunday 10km race at Blenheim
  • Monday Golf after work – chances of a trip to the gym or a run afterwards are limited
  • Tuesday Club run, probably around the 10km mark
  • Wednesday Traveling to Malta in the afternoon, with a meeting in the evening
  • Thursday Meetings all day, returning to the UK not far off midnight
  • Friday Preparing for parents visiting – lots of tidying, little time for a run
  • Saturday Parents descend, only option would be very early in the morning

So, in reality, that means I’m likely to go from a 50km+ week to around 20km. At this stage, it’s not disastrous – I’m just trying to build my cumulative distance up until the New Year in anticipation of integrating more targeted long runs to train for Paris.

The question is how to minimise the impact of outside influences on my training regime, especially when they come up with little notice (I only found out today that I’m going to Malta next week). I’m not a morning person, but perhaps its going to be necessary for me to become one.

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