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Paris Marathon training: Week 3

November 26, 2009

The third week of the training plan, and yet again things didn’t exactly go as scheduled… The plan was rejigged, with speedwork again falling to the wayside in favour of distance. Not a problem at this stage, I suppose, as distance matters most. However, I need to build speed as I attempt to go sub-40 before the end of the year.

Before I go into my training for this week, I feel I should at least explain why I seem to be constantly writing about being busy. While I know I’m trying to cram a lot of running into my week, I’m also conscious that I’m busier now than I will be in, say, three months’ time. Working in educational publishing, my workload is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Essentially, the qualifications on which we base our books are published around late summer. Once these are published, our authors write feverishly, submitting manuscript between September and November. 2010 is a big year for my division, so I’m reviewing four 400+ page books, two 200+ page books, one 96-page book, a 700-page website and writing five units for the National Enterprise Academy.

However, while the rest of the publishing industry goes through turmoil, I shouldn’t complain about being busy.

Sunday: 24.9km @ 4:23 per km

A long double lap round Abingdon, I felt this went quite well, although I had some twinges in my right hamstring (just behind my knee) early in the run. The twinges passed as I got a reasonable distance into the run, so I can only assume it was an issue around warming up. I’ve experienced some similar twinges in other runs, so I need to make sure this doesn’t develop into an injury.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9.9km @ 4:01 per km

A good tempo run with the club. Based on coming so close to the 40-minute mark in training, I’m hopeful that – provided we get the right conditions – I’ll be able to get a new PB at Eynsham at the end of the month.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 11.5km @ 4:17 per km

Wednesday’s pragmatic rest day – caused by a late night at work – meant that I had to swap the club speedwork session for a lap round Abingdon.

Friday: 10.5km @ 3:55 per km

A gym session rounded off the week, hitting my mileage target (in fact, a tiny bit over target at 56.8km). I’ve found that the best way of handling distance on a treadmill is to put a towel over the display – otherwise you watch your progression towards your target in 10 meter increments… Which is frankly unbearable.

So, with work doing it’s constant stream of crazy-busy, and with a trip to visit friends at the weekend, I’m now running late with recording my progress. The completion of Week 4 is only just round the corner…

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