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Race report: Poole Round the Lakes 10k

December 26, 2009

26 December 2009
Little windy, about 7°C

The Poole Round the Lakes 10k is a four-lap course around the lake in Poole Park, as its name might well suggest. Taking place on Boxing Day, it attracts the serious all-weather runners, a few charity runners, and those more interested in taking a break from the seasonal indulgence.

I was nursing a cold/cough that, in the morning, had blossomed into something a little more tickly and persistent, without necessarily becoming any more productive. If you find yourself in a similar condition, eying up the start line, please think twice. I’ve literally just had a week off running trying to shake this wretched cough off my lungs.

The run itself is a little on the uninspiring side, although the support from the marshals was good. Whichever way you look at it, four laps over the same course isn’t going to be terribly invigorating. Also, one of the principal problems with a multi-circuit race is that people will get lapped. With a reasonable-sized field and a short lap, some of the slower runners must have been dishesrtened as the front of the race sailed past them more than once.

The other problem was that much of the race took part on some relatively narrow paths right next to the eponymous lake. This made some of the overtaking rather hair-raising at times. However, in fairness, it added some interest to going round the same course four times.

Most multi-lap courses include a separate tail section to separate the leading pack about to finish from the slower runners. However, the finishing funnel was nested within the main lap, just before the water stop, so I was told that there was some confusion in ushering the leading pack to the finish while keeping the slower runners they were lapping at the time on course.

All runners received a bottle of bubbly at the end of the race, which was a nice touch. It promptly went into the fridge and became a nice way of celebrating making it round in my weakened state.


Results here.

Finish time: 41:07
Position: 57 out of 359

1km: 3:50
2km: 3:56
4km: 8:08 (the 3km marker was knocked over, so this split is for 2kms)
5km: 4:14
6km: 4:16
7km: 4:13
8km: 4:17
9km: 4:12
10km: 3:57

By the way, I’m giving up my traditional Christmas Day hangover to raise money for The Stroke Association. If you want to support this great cause go to and give what you can. Thanks for all the donations so far.

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