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Cinderella’s running shoes

January 5, 2010

Running shoes are different from other shoes – it almost goes without saying. For a start, running shoes last for about 500 miles (if you’re a relatively neutral runner) before needing to be replaced. I don’t know for sure, but that’s a fair whack more mileage than your typical casual shoe.
There are different running shoes for different running gaits. I seriously recommend getting your gait analysed at your local running shop as this will help you choose shoes that will support your running style.
My first pair of running shoes were Saucony Jazz, an entry level neutral shoe, perfect for road running. When the toe box went and my right foot kept getting bruised toes, It was time to update my footwear.
As luck would have it, I found some Saucony Phoenix shoes at TK Maxx for a bargain price. They felt good on (Saucony shoes fit my feet very well) and I thought they made a good replacement for my old shoes.
However, I didn’t realize that they were designed for minor over pronators. Unhelpfully, few shoes include explicit guides to the amount of support they provide. Although not terrible, they supported my gait where it didn’t need it, which could potentially lead to the development of a poor running style.

A recent trip to Up and Running in Oxford equipped me with a new pair of Saucony Ride. So, I now have another pair of neutral shoes to wear in in good time for Paris. (If you follow the links in this post, you’ll see that there’s next to nothing that differentiates the different shoes in terms of presentation that would indicate the level of support provided.)
I also picked up a pair of Solomon trail shoes, which I’m hoping to wear in on Shotover Hill this weekend – weather permitting.
So, the moral of the story is to support your local running store. They offer a personalized service that will help you avoid injury, which beats the low prices offered by non-specialist stores in the long run. Quite literally.

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