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The unpredictable #uksnow

January 6, 2010

 Unless you live anywhere other than the British Isles, or – for some curious reason – don’t share this nation’s absolute obsession with the weather, you can’t fail to have noticed that it’s been snowing. A lot. Sure, we’re all used to transport services grinding to a halt under the sustained pressure of the wrong type of snow, or leaves on the track, but today we’ve had around 6 inches of snow in Oxfordshire.

And, with the kind of customary familiarity you can only regard fondly, everything ground to a halt. Schools closed in tireless lists read alphabetically on the local radio (although why anyone thought that when reading alphabetically, the Ts should include all the schools starting with ‘The’). The council clearly scented defeat before anyone else, not even bothering to grit the roads. Work recommended ways we could all trudge through our to-do lists from home. The police warned people not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

A hanging basket piled high with snow

Again, the snow settled on literally everything - including this hanging basket.

When you’re training for a big race, you try to stick to some kind of structured running schedule. I’ve been doing my best to stick to my training plan, but Christmas put a few obstacles in my way. Although, in retrospect, there are some things I could have done better in producing the plan – such as use a bit of common sense.

Take today, for example. Rather optomistically, I’d scheduled in a 30km run. Bearing in mind that the sun sets at around 4:30pm at the latest at the moment, and I’m typically home from work no earlier than 6pm, that’s a substantial run in the dark. So, that would mean a rather tedious three-and-a-bit laps around Abingdon in order to make the distance on lit paths.

An alternative would be running in the gym. But not for 30km – literally, 15km is tough enough in the gym. Not that you’re running any harder, but because it’s really quite dull. However, with the intensity of the snow affecting more or less everything conceivable, the gym is shutting early today so there’s not even time for a short run. Hey ho.

The snow starting to build up on the Waitrose sign.

A trip to pick up the essentials at Waitrose was as close as we got to panic buying in anticipation of the big freeze.

Looking at the weather forecast tomorrow, we’re set for daytime highs of -3°C and clear skies. So, on the positive side, no more snow. However, the snow that remains (yep, pretty much all six inches of it) is going to freeze into a remarkably solid and trecherous surface. So, the jury’s out as to whether getting into the office will be back on the agenda tomorrow, and I’m going to need some serious grip on my shoes to run in the ice. Perhaps it’ll be a job for my new Solomons…

The s#uksnow piled up on everything, including this tree.

Nothing was safe from the snow, which was in fine sticky form and piling up on everything conceivable.

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