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Running to or from?

March 10, 2010
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Are you running to the finish line? Think about it for a minute.

Running to something is comforting; every step gets you closer. Most runners run towards something, usually the finish. With every step anticipating the point at which you can stop running. Doing just enough to propel yourself forwards, all the while thinking of something that holds you back. Maybe for you the finish line is a nice comfy sofa and a cool beer.

A rare runner runs away from something. She has urgency; with every step she’s putting more distance between herself and the thing she’s running away from. For her, there’s an incentive to move fast. There’s no such thing as just enough. Perhaps for her the start line is a snarling, fanged beast.

The lizard brain is cold blooded. It likes to laze in the sun. It doesn’t like to run. (Unless it’s a Jesus lizard – those boys freakin’ love to run – but that ruins my metaphor, so we’ll brush over it.) When the lizard does move, it’s towards something.

Next time you line up at the beginning of a race, think about whether you’re running towards the finish or away from the start.

If you’re a reader of the influential blogger Seth Godin, you might recognise this as a skit on his daily missives. (Dom, seriously, I’m hoping you got it!) If not, fear not, normal service will resume shortly…

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  1. March 10, 2010 1:43 pm

    Maybe we all have Demons we run from, some just don’t know! What matters where we run too! Better our lives is all that matters.

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