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Counting down

March 12, 2010

The Paris Marathon is getting close now – just 29 days until the race. Having built up to this point for so long, it seems a little  surreal that the event should actually appear on the horizon.

Marathon de Paris 2008
The Paris Marathon is fast approaching… Image by looking4poetry via Flickr

While my taper is a week away – the point at which the volume of my running drops in preparation for race day – it’s probably fair to say that anything I do now in training will have a relatively small effect on how I manage the race. The months of building distance has improved my aerobic ability and endurance, and my shorter runs have developed my ability to run consistent and relatively fast miles.

The remaining weeks will probably involve more speed work or repeats than I have previously taken on. Mile repeats, or stringing together several miles at goal race pace, with a mile recovery before doing it all again. Essentially, building my ability to run at speed, even on tired legs.

Ultimately, though, this is tweaking. I need to be careful not to over-do it, and try to avoid injury at all costs. I need to include time for recovery, and I need to stick to my rest days. With the volume of running I’ve got used to over the past few months, this may be more difficult than it sounds…

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