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Cutting a dash

March 15, 2010

On Sunday I did my second marathon-distance training run. Over distance, if truth be told – 27.5 miles. A gloriously sunny day, albeit with a fierce headwind, I packed my usual long-run garb. My two-litre hydration rucksack, six energy gels, a long-sleeve and short-sleeve top. Everything I could conceivably need to run a substantial distance.

The thing is, running clothes aren’t great for leaving you with space to store all this stuff. My hydration rucksack is small, and while I can keep my spare gels in there (I take one every six miles, so really only get through four unless there are extenuating circumstances), getting anything out of the pack would involve stopping, unstrapping it, doing whatever needed doing, then putting it back on before running again. Not ideal.

I have some (very fetching) running leggings that have a key pocket and a separate back pocket. Presumably this back pocket is designed to hold a phone, or a wallet. Nothing big. I have found, however, that I can stuff four gels in there, and that they are moderately accessible during the run.

Consequently, when I’m running from Abingdon to Didcot, I generally look like I’ve got piles.

Most miserable Sunday mornings, there have been few people around. Looking slightly absurd hasn’t really been a problem. However, on the first glorious Sunday of the year – Mothering Sunday, no less – the streets were crowded, the roads were jammed, and I got more than one slightly puzzled look.

How I suffer for my sport…

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