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Paris Marathon: Mile 4

March 20, 2010
Mile 4 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The first change of direction for the runners takes them further into the heart of the city

It is sobering to think that the elite front runners will have reached this point within about 16 minutes of starting the race. The rest of us will be substantially behind this blistering pace, and considerably better placed to take in some of the sights.

High-yet-ornate apartments, tree-lined boulevards – this is stereotypically Parisian

Mile 4 of the Paris Marathon 2010

A wide intersection before the route cuts into narrower streets. If you’re in the body of the main surge of runners, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose some of that much-valued personal space.

By this time, you should have settled into your stride and be achieving consistently paced splits, which you will need to keep up for another 22 miles. Try not to think of that at this particular juncture, though, because 22 miles really does feel like a long way.

At the 7.5km mark, sponges will be available. Without meaning to put a downer on these things, but if you need to cool yourself off that much by this point, you might need to take it a little easier to last the distance.

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