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Paris Marathon: Mile 7

March 22, 2010
Mile 7 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Sticking with the park for the seventh mile of the race.

Chatteau de  Vincennes marks the seventh mile of the race as runners approach the easternmost corner of the course. This part of the race is more exposed than the previous miles, so if there is a wind on the day, you’ll notice it. While you might congratulate your good fortune if it’s behind you, you’ll soon turn to run into it; if it’s in your face, you’re about to have a following wind (but might have a tough couple of miles at the end of the race).

The seventh mile of the Paris Marathon 2010

The Chateau is marks another tourist attraction on the way round.

While the road is wide and it should be easier to take advantage of the apex of the course as you turn past the Chateau, be careful if you get too close to the pavement. There are small bollards and chains that line this road, and they are deceptively low. In short: don’t get too distracted by the sights!

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