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Paris Marathon: Mile 8

March 22, 2010
Mile 8 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Still in the park, you're probably going to catch sight of runners further along as they turn back towards the city centre

What you can’t tell from the map above is that the course is about to twist back on itself. You’re now very close to the extreme of the course in this direction – in fact, the next time you take a serious spell eastwards is when you close in on the final few miles. This will afford a sight of the runners ahead of you. If you’re seriously fast, you’ll see the front pack. If not, you’ll get a sense of just how large this race is.

Tree-lined roads are getting narrower now that the runners have spread out.

Notice how much narrower the roads have got at this point.

As the runners spread out, the course gets narrower. There are raised curbs and trees to beware of if you’re planning to make use of the outside edges of the course. If you’re keeping a steady pace and not making any moves towards overtaking, sticking to the middle might be the best plan.

It’s difficult to say, but with the Paris Marathon generally drawing far fewer spectators than the London Marathon, this might be one of the quieter stretches of the course, being far from the finish and outside of the main urban area.

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