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Paris Marathon: Mile 10

March 23, 2010
Mile 10 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Finally skirting the urban area again, it's time for the transition to the urban sprawl of Paris again

As the road aligns with the outskirts of the park, it gets wider and buildings return to runners’ eyesight. A passing glance at Hopital National de Saint-Maurice makes a change  from the greenery of the previous few miles and marks the return to the city.

Mile 10 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Quite literally a passing glance – shortly after this, a road obscures the view with more trees.

If you’re running with the main pack, the road is probably still pretty crowded. At this point, as it widens, you may be able to take advantage of some opportunities to pass slower runners. However, once more, beware that there are obstacles at the edges of the road. They’re short, so you might not see them, and they could do some damage.

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