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Paris Marathon: Mile 9

March 23, 2010
Mile 9 of the Paris Marathon 2010

More park, and over a third of the way through the race...

Sticking with the tree-lined park, runners are soon about to find a change of scenery as they re-enter the city. With refreshment stations every 5km, you’re probably looking at having food and drink available just after the half-way point of this mile.

Mile 9 of the Paris Marathon 2010

With roads generally of good quality and the runners thinning out, this is the time to get to the business of running


Outside of the ring road, nearly the furthest point from the finish line, this is likely to be a long stretch with few supporters. This is the time to focus on the business of running and keeping miles consistent. It’s easy to focus on how much of the race remains, but it’s best to try to avoid this as you’re yet to cross the half-way point.

When you reach the drinks station, remember that it’s important to drink little and often. The number of runners at marathons who cause themselves damage (some of it quite serious) through over-hydration far outweighs the number of runners who suffer from dehydration.

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