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Paris Marathon: Mile 11

March 24, 2010
Mile 11 of the Paris Marathon 2010

To one side lies the city, to the other lies the park. Take your pick and run on the side of the one you prefer.

Returning to the urban side of Paris, spectators are likely to become slightly more common. Expect the odd sporadic cheer to raise morale as you head towards the half-way point.

Mile 11 of the Paris Marathon

Wide roads and the contrast between residential buildings and the greenery of the park dominate this mile

Good, wide roads are the staple of massive races like the Paris Marathon, and runners will now have had a couple of miles with plenty of space and smooth surfaces. If you’re still experiencing congestion, keep an eye out for any of the small bollards towards the edge of the road. If not, focus on running a consistent mile split.

You shouldn’t be feeling fatigued by this point, and you should feel comfortable with the fact you need to keep up your current pace for more than twice the distance you have already run. If you are feeling like you might suffer from burnout, now might be a good time to knock the pace back slightly to recover.

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