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Paris Marathon: Mile 13

March 25, 2010
Mile 13 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The half-way point!

Following the route of one of the metro lines, this milestone of the course includes a remarkably long stretch of glass-fronted shops in arches under the metro line. While a wide road, it’s worth noting that this urban area sports a number of challenges for runners in the form of traffic islands.

Mile 13 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The repetitious buildings on the right-hand side of the road might make this feel like a Tom & Jerry cartoon

If changes in scenery help make the race feel like it’s passing quickly, repeated scenery can make the time drag and prompt runners to focus on other – less productive – things. The prime culprit at this point is likely to be whether this pace can be sustained. Try to focus on the scenery that does change, rather than the almost endless raft of arched windows.

Keep an eye out for raised curbs, traffic islands, or anything else that might catch you by surprise.

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