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Paris Marathon: Mile 14

March 25, 2010
Mile 14 of the Paris Marathon

The second sighting of the Bastille marks the return of Paris's historic landmarks

If we’re honest, the past few miles have been a little unremarkable. Having started the race with a series of tourist picture-postcard sights, the race has spent the past few miles passing through some relatively face-less residential streets. The 14th mile marks the return to spectacle as runners revisit the Bastille.

Mile 14 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Once past the Bastille again, it's on to this tree-lined avenue and then the Seine

The Bastille will look familiar as you run past it again. If you can, keep to the left of the course as you approach to take advantage of the apex – but if you find it crowded, keeping to the right to have some personal space won’t affect the distance you run that much.

As the scenery starts to change and more landmarks are passed, it’s going to be easier to keep running. The wilderness miles of the previous section of the race should fall away as you encounter some of Paris’s best-known sights.

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