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Paris Marathon: Mile 15

March 26, 2010
Mile 15 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Joining the River Seine, the tourist route picks up again with some of Paris's best-known sights

The banks of the River Seine provide runners with some of the best-known sights of Paris. Coming shortly after the return to the Bastille, glimpses of Notre Dame are visible over the various buildings packed on to one of the islands in the middle of the river.

Mile 15 of the Paris Marathon 2010

You will be able to see the spire of Notre Dame as you run alongside the banks of the River Seine.

Sadly, you won’t be the right side of the river to get the best view of Notre Dame. You can see the spire of the building in the picture above in much the same way as you’ll be able to see it on race day. Tempting as it might be to crane for a better look, remember to keep one eye on the road in front of you lest you take a tumble!

Expect crowds at this point in the race. This is the centre of the city, closest to some of the most popular tourist sites, and it’s likely to provide spectators a good chance to cheer on the runners.

If you’re spectating, it’s worth noting that this part of the race is literally just a few hundred metres from the first few miles of the route. This means it should be possible to lend support in the first few miles, pop off to get a coffee, see some shops, maybe nip over the river to the Gothic Quarter for a bite to eat, and then toddle back to the north bank and redouble your supporting efforts. How’s that for consideration from the race organisers?

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