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Paris Marathon: Mile 16

March 26, 2010
Mile 16 of the Paris Marathon

Cutting back past the Louvre, the Dan Brown delirium should kick in around about here.

‘Hey, isn’t that where Mary Magdalene is meant to be buried?’ Yes, it’s back for a second pass of the Louvre as we stick with the north bank of the river. In fact, you may only get a fleeting glance of the famous glass pyramid as it’s largely hidden from view by the massive Louvre building itself. Keep an eye out for archways in the building as these may afford you some additional tourist sights.

Mile 16 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The Louvre on the right of you, the Seine to the left, and a good few miles in front of you – but quite a few more already behind you.

Historic scenery comes at a price. The bricked roads that started the marathon are back. While they may have been smoothed by many years of traffic, after 16 miles you should probably expect to feel any contours of the road more tenderly than you might have on previous miles.

However, since you’re still in the centre of the city, you should expect crowds to lift your spirits and help you push on through any discomfort. After all, there’s only ten more miles.

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