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Paris Marathon: Mile 17

March 27, 2010
Mile 17 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Another mile, another landmark. There's no shortage of history to feast your eyes on as you keep pounding through the miles.

Sticking with the north bank, you’ll have run through a tree-lined boulevard before coming across this grand bridge. If you’re keen to tick off the sights en route – or, as it happens, keen to stick to the apex of the course and run the shortest marathon you can – keep to the left, next to the river, and catch a sight of Place des Invalides.

Mile 17 of the Paris Marathon 2010

You might need to be quite far to the left to glimpse des Invalides, but the pillars on the bridge are likely to be the most impressive you'll see all day.

Once you have maneuvered yourself to the extremities of the course, you’re going to want to stay at the edges of the field for another mile or so. The next mile holds the main event as far as sight-seeing is concerned…

You’ll be starting to feel the effects of having run a substantial distance around this point. Another drink and snack station is coming up in the next mile, so there’s an extra benefit to keeping to the outskirts of the course.

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