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Paris Marathon: Mile 18

March 27, 2010
Mile 18 of the Paris Marathon

The Eiffel Tower and energy drinks, what more could a runner ask for?

When you think of Paris, there’s a good chance you’ll think of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe you’ll be high brow about it and say it’s not the first thing you think of, but it’s there, isn’t it? This is the mile you’ve been waiting for – the short section past Paris’s most iconic structure marks a major milestone in the race.

Mile 18 of the Paris Marathon 2010

It's just like running through Blackpool, only with fewer chip wrappers and nicer accents

There is another water station around this point, as with the other stations, it will be handing out fruit as well as liquid refreshments. Your body will be needing some kind of a carbohydrate boost around this point, but make sure you only snack lightly as the one and only isotonic drinks station is coming up within the next two miles.

By the way, if you signed up to the text message service, the 30km message will be sent out around this point.

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