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Paris Marathon: Mile 21

March 29, 2010
Mile 21 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The course cuts back on itself to make up the distance before heading into the park for the final few miles

The Paris Marathon is predominantly flat, with a few relatively gentle inclines. Nothing too serious. However, you’re going to be faced with a hill of sorts here in the final climb of the race. After 20 miles, it’s time to steel yourself up for the final push. If you’ve still got some, take a swig of your energy drink and give the hill a kick.

Mile 21 of the Paris Marathon 2010

It might not look like much, but it'll punch above its weight when you get to it.

The most effective way I’ve found of running up a hill is to lean forward from your feet to give you some of the benefits of gravity. (Granted, this could be a little too close to falling over for some people’s comfort levels.) Look down and watch your feet, or look a very short distance in front of you. It might sound strange, but it will stop you focusing on how long a hill is – or even that it’s a hill.

Once you’re at the summit, it’s more or less a gentle downhill for the rest of the race.

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