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Paris Marathon: Mile 25

March 31, 2010
Mile 25 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The penultimate mile of the race takes runners out of the park and sets them in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe

After all the months of training, the miles battling through the streets of Paris focusing on just… keeping… going… you’re at the penultimate mile. Expect the crowds of supporters to start around here as you head towards the finish line.

Mile 25 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Good roads and a straight line, while the end may not be in sight, it's tangibly close.

You’ll be grateful that the roads are good at this point of the course, and you’re still continuing your slight downhill trajectory to give you that little gravitational boost.

Now’s the time to check how you’re feeling – are you tired? Could you pick up the pace for the final leg of the race? Try leaning forward a little from your ankles (i.e. not from your waist), and opening up your stride. Remember to pick your legs up and focus on making your running style efficient.

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