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Paris Marathon: Mile 26

March 31, 2010
Mile 26 of the Paris Marathon 2010

The final stretch: expect crowds, hope for a second wind, and try not to look too awful for the race photographer

The final mile will bring out the crowds. It’s amazing how support can help you forget about pain and fatigue and dig deep for a second wind. There will be photographers at the finish, and in previous years each runner’s finish has been caught on video, so you need to decide how you want to capture this moment. What to choose? The grimace of a final burst of speed? A relieved grin? The ever-lamentable peace sign (please don’t, it’s not cool)?

Mile 26 of the Paris Marathon 2010

Crossing through Place Victor Hugo, and passing a (potentially refreshing) fountain, the finish line should be in sight.

It’s difficult to say precisely where the marathon will finish. Looking at the official maps, it looks like it stops some way before the Arc de Triomphe. On race day you’ll be able to spot it with ease, and measure when to make your final hell-for-leather push to the finish line and glory – or at the very least a post-race massage and a good meal.

Relish the last moments, because these will be the ones that stick with you. Sure, you’ve run through hell and back to make it through the final stretch of the race, but with adrenaline swarming through your system, the support of spectators and the final surge from your fellow runners, all you’ll remember is the glory.

The finish of the Paris Marathon might be within sight of the Arc de Triomphe

The race may have finished by this point, but the Arc de Triophe marks the end of the race.

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