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Watching the weather

April 8, 2010

Like about 40,000 other people, I’m keeping a close eye on the weather in Paris for Sunday 11 April. The weather can make  or break a race – too windy, and you’ll struggle to maintain speed, too cold and you’ll find it harder to keep moving, too warm and you’ll get dehydrated too quickly… Honestly, being so sensitive to weather conditions it’s a wonder anyone in Britain runs.

However, the BBC’s weather forecast for Paris on Sunday is looking promising.

Sunny, max 14 degrees, bit of wind

The BBC's weather forecast (on 7 April) for Paris on Sunday 11 April 2010 is looking promising

Sure, the weather forecast can change, but it’s looking like good conditions for the race. Slightly stronger wind than ideal (there are a few stretches where runners are likely to notice a head or tail wind), but can’t complain.

In fact, I might need to add sun screen to my list of Paris Marathon essentials…

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