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The post-Paris plan

April 9, 2010

I’ve spent rather a lot of time and energy preparing for Paris. Focusing on this race has been about the only way to make it through the sheer volume of training with my sanity intact, and consequently means that I’m prone to a big come-down when the race is actually over. I don’t want to find myself watching the London Marathon on TV on Sunday 25th lamenting that I could have been a contender, tucking into a big fried breakfast to fill the aching void in my life.

So, as you might have noticed, I’ve started to sign up for races (in the ‘Forthcoming Fixtures’ box on the right-hand side of the screen). In fact, I’m packing them in thick and fast, with the delightful Blenheim 7k on 9 May, the usually packed Oxford Town & Gown on 16 May and the Charndon 5k on 18 May.

While it’s great to have some races to look forward to after Paris, they are all short and fast (with the possible exception of Blenheim, which is quite a hilly course). Having spent the past months building up a base of aerobic fitness that means I can run for several hours, I’ll need to work relatively intensively on building strength and speed in time for the races over the following weeks. (Of course, I’ll also need to allow my body sufficient time to recover from the undoubted battering it will receive from the marathon.)

So, after the weekend, I’m going to spend some time putting together a training plan to get me running a 38-minute 10k on the 16 May. That’s the plan, at least (and If I achieve it, it’ll be seven minutes faster than I ran last year).

As a slightly aside, I am painfully aware in writing this that there is a certain parallel that could be drawn between my running schedule and an addict eying up his next hit. Seriously, though, I’m fine. I can quit any time I want, right? Can you spare any change, mate, I just need a few quid for my entry to the Chiltern Chase?

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