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Stress relief

April 16, 2010

The night before a marathon can be a tense time. You worry about getting to the start line on time, about making it around the course, and whether you’re coming down with something (phantom colds and the like). So, having checked my kit for the umpteenth time that evening, I sat down on the eve of the Paris Marathon and read the race booklet.

Lots of interesting information about previous winners, record-breaking times, this year’s elite line-up and messages from sponsors. And then, when I reached page 15, I found some sage advice that made me gfaw away much of the tension. The exact wording from the guide is reproduced below:

Don’t forget!

  • Your bib and 4 safety pins
  • Your timing chip and the plastic link to attach
  • A personal bag to let some dry clothes on the left-luggage facilities
  • Your Jogging International poncho to keep warmth before the start
  • Some antifriction cream preserve your skin
  • Your sponge if you want to use it on refreshments points
  • 2 small bandages for your tits

Incidentally, good advice – if translated with a certain lack of delicacy. I’d also add some blister plasters to the list of must-haves (Scholl’s blister plasters have worked miracles for me).

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