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The final total

May 26, 2010

It’s been over a month since I ran the Paris Marathon. Back in the autumn of 2009 when I decided I was going to run the 26.2 miles to raise money for The Stroke Association, I set myself the target of raising £1000. This, it seemed to me, was ambitious, but probably achievable. Kind of.

As the months passed, donations started chipping away at the total. It still remained a substantial amount yet to raise, but all the while it got closer and closer. Ultimately, a matter of days before the race, the total pledged tipped over the £1000 barrier. Big moment. And a massive source of motivation when I was running out of steam in the final grueling miles.

So, quite simply, this post is a massive thanks to:

  • Ramon Guzman
  • Helen McCreath
  • Louise Prentice
  • Mum and Pete
  • Dad, Chantal and Marco
  • Gillian Burrell (aka Gibbers)
  • Fraser Hutchinson
  • David Dosanjh
  • Elaine Jordan (former Trott)
  • Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Lizzy Kingston
  • Uncle Pete and Wendy
  • Maura Moran
  • David Wynn
  • Jenni Welch
  • Deb Bowden
  • Becca Vaughn-Williams
  • Andrea Ruddock
  • Amanda Hamilton
  • Cathy Harrison
  • Aunt Margaret
  • Aunt Bett
  • Dom Holdsworth (fellow blogger, and patient reader of endless plodding posts)
  • Maggie Morris
  • Alex Hobson
  • Lucy Mahoney
  • Sarah Norgate
  • Nat Wyatt
  • Carol and Mike Neild
  • Anisa Malik-Mansell
  • Ellie O’Byrne
  • Ayesha Malik
  • Kay and Paul Goddard
  • Nick Starren
  • Diane Rees
  • Olwen Turchetta
  • Anne Forbes
  • Mr and Mrs Lintern
  • Janis Harwood
  • Jane Norris
  • Mary James
  • Sarah Wilman
  • Tim Weiss
  • Pen Gresford
  • Raegan Muskett

It’s a long list of people, all of whom gave generously and tolerated my marathon fever with patience, grace and even sparks of enthusiasm. Without their support, I couldn’t have also elicited a matching donation of £500 from my employer, Pearson Education.

So, the good news is that the final total well exceeded my £1000 target. In fact, the total raised (not including the giftaid supplements) was £1637.59. Thank you for all your support – this has exceeded my fundraising total by more than I could have any right to expect and will make a real difference for The Stroke Association.

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