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May 30, 2010

It’s been something like six weeks since the Paris Marathon. I’ve been through the recovery runs – characterised by stiff legs and sluggishness – I’ve kicked off the summer’s racing season with a couple of PBs, and I’ve got my eyes on one more target to achieve by the end of the year.

However, it’s also been six weeks since I had any kind of a training schedule. While the club runs have enforced a level of structure to my running – reasonable length tempo run on a Tuesday, speedwork on a Thursday – my other runs have been a little, well, directionless. The principal problem seems to be a pick-and-mix approach to running, resulting in no real consistency across the weeks. While I’m running faster and stronger than before, most of this is due to tuning my marathon fitness.

This week’s running will be disrupted by hiking, so a meaningful schedule will have to wait an additional week. However, that gives me a chance to get a few bits and pieces in place:

  1. Plotting out new running routes. I spent the winter running past some of Oxfordshire’s less picturesque features – Didcot power station and Abingdon sewerage plant – so I need a change of scenery to keep the interest during my longer runs.
  2. Picking a target race. This is all well and good in training for a marathon – there’s just the one race to focus on. However, in the world of 10k running, there are races most weekends. So, I need to identify a speedy race, and focus on building up for that.
  3. Incorporating different types of run. Training for a fast 10k is very different from training for a marathon. Intensity and quality need to be built in from the outset, rather than relying on weeks of volume.

At the same time, I want to keep some decent distance in my long runs. While it might not be essential for running 10ks, it would be useful to keep a relatively good level of endurance for any autumn half marathons that might appeal.

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