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Juneathon day 1

June 1, 2010

After a day of meetings and circular thinkings, largely accompanied by the mellow strains of what I’m calling nu-folk (Mumford & Sons, Fionn Regan, Laura Marling and Frightened Rabbit, if you must know), I needed energising for the jog club evening trek. Cue drive to the track accompanied by the post-apocalyptic thrash disco ravings of Hadouken! (Exclamation point is part of the band’s name; I don’t actually think that’s a very exciting sentence. Just so you know.)

The planned route was going to be a gentle 10k saunter through the woods around Abingdon. The tracks were going to be wet from the day’s rain (first day of June, of course the temperature’s in the low teens and the rain’s perpetual), and I suspected there might be a certain capacity for getting lost in the route.

This was the planned route:

Planned jog club route

Planned route - note not so complicated, really

And rather than 10k, here’s the 15.5k I actually ran:

Actual route ran

Note considerably more convoluted route, including pointless loop early on when I got lost in a tiny thicket!

So, when it’s raining, cold, and you’re lost, nothing’s going to get any worse is it? Oh, sure it’s not, unless you start to get those familiar stomach cramps. Trotting (ahem) through the woods, I managed to resist the urge to make like a bear (Charmin), desperately in search of civilization. Stumbling, blinded by the light, into the Oxford Road, I made a bee line for the loos back at Tilsey Park.

Sometimes, you have proud moments running. Little victories against adversity, small gains in improvement, subtle peaks of good feeling. Today wasn’t one of those moments. Ho hum, only another 30 days to go…

Wondering what this Juneathon thingamajig is all about? A month of dedicated exercise (and related excuses) blogging – more details, including other participants, here.

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