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Juneathon day 11: sun (and insects)

June 11, 2010

I’ve been off the wagon for a couple of days. A combination of having a social life and tiresome journeys back from London have prevented me from getting out and about. So, with the Friday clearing of the skies, summer warmth finally shining through, I took the opportunity to have an after-work run.

Abingdon's riverside

The Thames flowing through Abingdon in the summer evening

Despite the recent rains, I set out for the river. Muddy banks weren’t in evidence, which was nice, but mosquitoes were. Sure, I can bear being bitten, but when running I seem to find myself increasingly absorbing insects through my eyes and mouth. Which poses a moral quandary for a vegetarian: is it murder? Is it suicide? Am I okay with that?

Actually, a more pressing need is usually to blink out the wretched beast, or to cough and hack up anything that’s rattling round my throat. Too many insects and you just start to look a bit mad, really.

Still, back on the wagon, with a steady 12.5km under my belt and legs suitably refreshed for tomorrow’s race.

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