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July 8, 2010

Time is important to runners. You need time to train – long runs, speed sessions, tempo and recovery runs all need quality time. Runners obsess about time – in what time will they finish this race? Will it be faster than before? Slower? About the same? It all comes down to time.

Tempo / Time
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You might notice I’ve not been posting as often recently. That’s down to time, too. I’ve been managing to run three or four (more often the former) times a week, but I’ve had to work around other commitments and general life occurring.

Let’s take today as an example…

I was working in London. I seem to be doing that increasingly at the moment – next week, for example, I will be working in London for two and a half days. That’s literally half my working week. Consequently, I had to get up good and early (really not a morning person) to be out of my flat around 7:40am.

Getting to and from London is never as straightforward as you’d hope. Trains are overly busy, and then the tube is stiflingly hot, humid and crowded in the height of summer. All in all, it’s about 1 hour 20 from door to door. (Unless there’s a signal failure, in which case it takes substantially longer. Signal failures only happen when you least want them.)

A day in the London office inevitably becomes a full day, just like working in Oxford, but with a bit more traveling. Today, I left the office just before 6. This meant I wasn’t home until just before 8 (since I needed to pick up some bread and milk).

At 8, as the scheduled speed session at the track was wrapping up, I set out for a tempo run. (I might add it was crazy humid too!) Which meant that I got to have dinner just after 9ish…

And the point of this? Perhaps I need to find a way of fitting running into my schedule. More lunchtime runs? Running before work? Or perhaps roll with the fact that my work and social life has gone into overdrive. It’ll calm down. I’m not going to be able to run any faster in  this heat and humidity. I might as well enjoy alternative sports, such as golf, punting, croquet, make the most of evening drinks in the summer warmth, and get into the live music scene in London since I’m there so often!

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