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The big question

February 2, 2011

Last year I ran my first ever marathon. It was a big commitment and clearly something more than a little outside my comfort zone. And thanks to the generosity of friends, family and colleagues, I raised more than £1900 for The Stroke Association.


London Marathon 25.04.2010 (407)
Image by Julian Mason via Flickr


And so we come to this year…

In April I will be running the Virgin London Marathon, with experience that should mean the training this time round is less of a sacrifice and that I have the confidence that I can complete the distance. I’d originally planned that this would be something I was doing for myself. The experience of running in such a massive race, with the support of the crowds and the shared experience with the other runners is like very little else.

However, as the race hoves into sight, I’m getting asked which charity I’m supporting. Technically, I’m lending a helping hand at The Stroke Association by contributing to their weekly newsletter for their Paris Marathon bond runners (you can see the latest issue here). But if I’ve not fatigued the support of my (very generous) friends, family and colleagues, does this mean that I should once more step into the fundraising breach?

To fundraise or not to fundraise? What is the etiquette for second marathons? Any thoughts from anyone who has been in – or is it – a similar predicament would be very welcome!

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  1. February 2, 2011 1:44 pm

    It’s a good question…

    I raised money for a local hospice last year, and am doing so again this year, but am very aware of the financial situation in society, and that i’ve only got a limited amount of people in my social group who may or may not want to support me….

    My approach this year is to do more events, and to try to expand the scope of people who may support me, but i’m hoping to raise awareness as much as purely financial donations.

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