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Marathon shoes

February 10, 2011

Last week I bought a new pair of shoes from the very helpful and friendly staff at the Virgin London Marathon Shop, just down the road from work. I was minded to do so having written the latest training article for The Stroke Associaiton’s Paris Marathon runners, advising the runners that if they needed new shoes they would need time to wear them in.

In what could barely be described as a break from tradition, I opted for a pair of neutral cushioned Saucony shoes. I bought my current pair of training shoes (neutral cushioned Saucony shoes – spot a pattern?) in preparation for the Paris Marathon.

Having been used for around a year, over a period of intense training, the soles have hardly worn down, but the toe box seems to have gone. (I say that, but I’m judging it by the return of the marathon runner’s manky toe.) Having taken my new shoes for a spin, it’s also now noticeable that the support from the cushioning has diminished over time.

There’s an obvious pressure from shoe manufacturers to push runners towards having multiple pairs of shoes and to change shoes on a regular basis. Personally, I’ve always found a knackered old pair and a shiny new pair make for the best combination for training. At one pair of shoes a year, though, I suspect I won’t be propping up the sports shoe industry…

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  1. February 10, 2011 7:13 pm

    Hi Lewis! Great blog and a huge congrats on your speedy Paris time – I started to get back into running in 2009, and ran Paris (my first, 3:41) last year in Saucony shoes as well (the omni pro-grid 8), so I can relate! No Spring marathon for me though – I did the NY marathon in November (3:39) so taking a little break. I’m currently alternating between three pairs of Saucony’s, including the pair from Paris and the newer Omni 9’s that I used for NY – great shoes. I track the mileage on each – my older ones are about to hit 500 but they’re still fine for shorter runs – I’ll probably feel it when it’s time to bin them. Keep up the running and good luck in London!! Feel free to check out my running blog, which I just started in December:

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