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Making it count

August 1, 2012

‘Make it count’ is Nike’s current advertising campaign focusing on their various training technologies. But it’s not just the sporting power-brand that’s all about the counting.
As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m taking part in the (sinister sounding but innocuous) Global Corporate Challenge, which uses a pedometer to track your distance travelled each day. This goes on for 12 weeks and thus far I am averaging around 18,000 steps a day.
The Olympics should help me push that number since I’m leading three Home Run routes a week and entirely avoiding the tube. Since Home Run secured sponsorship with Samsung, we’re being asked to push Samsung’s Hope Relay application. This is a gps app that logs miles run or cycled, and for which Samsung donates £1 per mile to charity.
On top of this, like many runners, I take my Garmin with me on every run, relying on it to log my miles.
If anything can be said about my Olympic-themed runs (three days with two runs a day coming out around 18.5 miles a day) it’s that I’m definitely making it count. Which might make up for the fact that most of the miles are very slow…

It could also be said that my avatar could look a little more enthusiastic!

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