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Snail running

September 27, 2012

Autumn has arrived. Cue heavy rain, strong wind and the inevitable lurgy.
After a weekend of fighting off a head cold, it developed into a full-blown cough. Frustrating at the best of times, but with the Oxford Half-marathon only a couple of weeks away and some fairly remedial training required, it’s not the best timing.
So, following all the Lemsip and cough medicine in the world, things have started to shift. So much so anyone rifling through the contents of our bins could be forgiven for thinking we had a teenage boy living with us.
I hit the Regents Park track on Tuesday, managing a steady 30 minute run, and had a plodding snail run home through crowds of Arsenal fans on Wednesday.
But why ‘snail’ running?
Because of the trail of mucus I left in my wake…

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