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How to fix a Garmin 405 watch strap

October 26, 2012
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If my Twitter feed is anything to go by, pretty much everyone’s Garmin straps have recently broken. And sure enough, like clockwork (geddit?), my strap started to give way.
So, after a frustratingly long (a week, which is a long time when you’re half-expecting your watch to fall off on a run) wait for a small package from Amazon to arrive, I set to fixing my Garmin strap over my lunch break. It was a bit fiddly, so I thought I’d post a quick ‘how to’ guide in case the same thing happens to you.
First off, you need a knackered Garmin strap. Voila.


You also need a replacement strap and an olive fork-like tool (all come in the replacement strap kit). Ideally, you should also have good light, but I managed to make do with the soft synthetic daylight of a publishing office.


The first step is to remove the dud strap. This is the toughest bit – I’d assumed that the strap would be removed using an alum key. Instead you have to wedge the tool into one of the gaps between the watch body and the strap on the underside of the device.
I found that you need to apply a bit of leverage to compress the sprung bar that holds the strap in place. Jab the fork in so that the bar goes between the teeth of the tool, and use the edge of the hole to pivot the pressure. You may need to pull the strap away from the watch body as you use the tool to save the bar snapping back in place. Once you’ve got one side done, though, the other can be worked away easily.


Keep the bar in place. If, for whatever reason, it’s knackered, there are spare spring bars included in the pack. Your next task is to get the new strap attached.
Push the bar a bit further out to one side and slide it into one side of the replacement strap. Then, turn the fork sideways and push the end of the bar so it compresses. At the same time, squeeze the strap to the watch body and everything should snap together.


And it’s as good as new! Now go for a run and enjoy the feeling of a securely attached Garmin.

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  1. Karen permalink
    October 1, 2013 12:05 pm

    Fantastic! – what a life saver – no instructions with the kit. Would never thought to get the strap off like that. Thank you!

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