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Brita Fill and Go: Product Review

November 27, 2012


You would think I was obsessed with water bottles, but the nice folks at Brita sent me one of their new Fill & Go bottles to try out.
If you work in an office, there’s a pretty good chance you have to put up with tiny plastic cups. The air conditioning at my work is thoroughly dehydrating, and being dehydrated – I’ve learnt through bitter experience – produces some fairly poor training runs.
A couple of years ago I got a litre bottle from Lucozade. It was great because it meant I could cart water with me in the office without endless trips to the water cooler. But the plastic deteriorated and it just spilled water all over my desk every time I drank from it.
With that experience in mind, I like the sturdiness of the Brita bottle. And, because it has a tiny hole near the hinge of the lid, you don’t create a vacuum when drinking – so it’s likely to stay sturdy.
The other key benefit is that it has a decent lid. It’s secure and clips down, so it won’t leak like a sports cap bottle tends to.
It’s probably not a bottle to take with you for exercising anywhere other than the gym, but since you should drink water throughout the day to get the best out of your training that’s no bad thing. If you’re looking for a durable water bottle that you can cart around without worrying about spillages, you could do an awful lot worse than this.

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