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I ran to the shop (#janathon day 4)

January 4, 2013

In the spirit of Janathon (exercise and blog every day in January), I ran to the shop down our road… From work, so it was a neat 6 miles to buy some milk.
There was a car parked (in the loosest sense of the word) outside the shop blaring base-heavy music. The 50-odd year old man who runs the shop was bogeling in the street.
Inside, I made a beeline for the milk fridge to avoid subjecting the other customers to my post-run sweat.
‘Can I have a receipt?’ The man at the head of the queue asked.
There was a problem with the till – no receipt paper.
I joined the queue.
‘Oh come on,’ the customer sighed ‘the tax man’ll get on my back if I don’t have receipts.’
Eventually he settled for no receipt and just paid for his Rizla. As I paid for my milk I idly wondered what kind of business might require cigarette papers as a legitimate business expense.
‘Have a good evening,’ the shop owner shouted from the street as he continued to wind and grind on his own.
As I walked back home, I passed receipt man standing in his garden smoking a very fragrant cigarette.
Something clicked.
Perhaps local drug dealers paying their taxes is a sign that Seven Sisters is becoming gentrified?

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