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Bump n grind (or #janathon day 8)

January 8, 2013

My mind’s telling me no, but my body [heartfelt chest bashing] my body’s telling me [vocal gymnastics] yeeeeeeeeesssss.
There’s a key lesson to be learnt from R Kelly’s late-90s r’n’b smash hit, particularly if you’re fending off tendinitis.
Having spent last night rolling a golf ball around my afflicted foot and ankle – as you do – I was determined to take today’s 6-mile run home easy. I have a tendency to over-stretch when running with my rucksack and therein may lie the cause.
So, unlike Mr Kelly, I listened to my mind and took it easy. And consequently my run was quite comfortable.
Perhaps if a certain mid-90s r’n’b star had followed the advice of his mind, he might not have wound up in court that time…

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  1. January 9, 2013 9:03 pm

    Cheers! I think it’s a case of having to remember to stretch, massage my foot and take it easy. Much harder than you’d think…

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