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The Virgin London Marathon countdown

April 19, 2013

The countdown to the 2013 Virgin London Marathon is on, with just 2 days until the race and what look like promising weather conditions.

Of course I’m disappointed not to be running this year, but I wouldn’t have been able to do the race justice and – most importantly – I’m making a slow and steady recovery. But this isn’t about me, because this is about a guy called Rob and the PDSA.

I had an email from PDSA, a UK animal charity, who are trying to raise awareness of one of their vet’s fundraising through running the London Marathon on Sunday. They’ve produced a fun infographic showing the marathon times for different animals and… well… humans are kind of slow.

If you’re racing on Sunday, may you run like a bat (would you be disqualified for flying?) or a shark (ditto swimming?).

Infographic from PDSA

Are you faster than a spider? Could you keep up with a giraffe? How fast do you need to run to p-p-pick up a penguin?

PS. If you’re a geek, you might be wondering why a shark’s marathon time is slower than that of a dolphin or badger since they all move at 25mph. It’s because the shark set off too fast at the start. There’s a lesson here…

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