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Slow down

April 6, 2020

If nothing else, maybe this strange time is an opportunity to slow down, notice details.

The luminous sheen of sun through new leaves; the hard edges cut by the light of bright spring days that feel like early summer; the unfurling of buds and tight fists of foliage. The roof tiles like Shreddies lined with ring-necked doves; the keystones and cornicing, the patterns of brickwork; the age-warped glass and flaked paint of an open sash window, framing a Tiffany lamp and writing desk.

All the stuff we take for granted, lost amongst the rush to run some errand, be somewhere else, do something else, worry about missing out on the thing that’s happening somewhere else, with someone else, that maybe we missed the email, or WhatsApp, or tweet for.

Nothing else is happening.

There’s nowhere to go.

Everything is cancelled.

Except this, here, which has been under your nose the whole time.

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